21st century : Sexual pleasure as a woman *Adult content*



I ask you to leave judging, blaming, shaming, accusing, taking

it personally, assuming at home, and read this blog as it is

intended with TRUTH, LOVE and OPENNESS for woman.


Men are visually stimulated. Females are emotionally stimulated.

Men have had a industry cater for their needs with porn, ladies of the night,

strippers, escorts, mistress’s, girlfriends, etc. for centuries.

For a woman, we don’t have a industry catering for our pleasure.

We have to create OUR PLEASURE.

We are all different, not one woman is the same, our vaginas are

different, unique, but we all seek love, compassion, intimacy,

friendship, loyalty, passion, desire, and mind blowing orgasms.

Most people believe that being spiritual means abstinence, however,

it is the opposite. Living a fully sexually stimulated life, you need to

be active, so Here we go…. (time to exercise your laughter)

  1. you need a GOOD LOVER : Learn about your partners body. Better yet, get to know your own body, flick your bean, so you learn about what you like and dislike.
  2. Wear sexy undies. Flirt with your partner. Keep the spark alive.
  3. Have sex regularly, 3 times a week : with yourself or with your partner at least.
  4. It is healthy to have sex, yes. So many people are sexually subdued and frustrated. A happy ending is good for everyone, be happy.
  5. Google is a good tool : Make sure you have a good porn stash, even if it is just to laugh your ass off.  Have fun together with your partner.
  6. Foreplay isn’t just when your lying in bed. It is walking pass your partner to steal a kiss. A pitch. A glance. A stare.  We are all sexual beings, lets enjoy the pleasure of it.
  7. Dress pretty or sexy or both – men are visual yes, but feeling good and looking good goes well together.
  8. Smile often : wear a dress. Walk around naked, be free. Enjoy your body and being physically naked.
  9. Some women put their vaginas away and become old hags who are sexually frustrated and dry. Don’t let it be you. Use it or loose it. Dried up puss puss’s are no fun. All they do is negative talk, complain, nag and become a bitter old sack of bones.  No thanks, that’s not for me. (I am sure you know a few)  Touch and Making Love is one of the pleasures of being HUMAN, denying this act is like burying a part of yourself in the backyard, hoping you won’t die. I say no thank you and YAK!  Life is for the living.
  10. Safe Sex, regular sex, magical sex, go hand in hand. Don’t use “it won’t happen to me” as a contraception, be wise condomise, use the pill, have a patch inserted in your arm. It is part of self love, to be responsible, so be it.
  11. Go for regular papsmears and check ups for your vajay jay, especially if you have more than 1 partner, just be safe.
  12. Using your body to have SEXUAL PLEASURE is fulfilling, enjoying, living, the most unique experience and fun that you can have with another human being, CONNECTION, ONENESS.  The after glow is magnificent. So if your sexually dormant, maybe its time to test the waters of pleasure, even if its just by yourself.
  13. I started visiting sex shops when I was 21, I usually leave them, shocked, laughing my head off and feeling  uncatered for. South African vibrators are not the nicest, it seems that USA has this market flooded, if you can get one, do plug it in at HOME! how else will you know what you like.
  14. Know yourself. Speak about what you need, sexually. Be well pleasured. Sated. Satisfied and Happy and most of all FREE!  to be whatever you choose or desire.






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