How to create, prevent, cure CANCER



The emotional root cause for Cancer is deep resentment, distrust, self pity,

hopelessness, helplessness. (Essential Reiki by Diane Stein)

Lets create the circumstances for CANCER:

An Empath : Absorbing the negative energy / emotions from others = family, friends, anyone telling them their negative story. Subduing and storing it, in the sacral chakra. This affects your aura, daily. You develop a bump at the base of your spine, it starts to grow. . . . affecting your vital energy.

Carrying others emotionally = like your Mother who never loved you and criticises you.

Carrying your wife = who works in a cancer ward as a nurse but offloads on you.

Carrying your abusive husband = who insults your body, your mind, your spirit.

Carrying your family  = Twin sister & mother because they hate each other.

Carrying your husband = his the breadwinner and you feel he deserves to offload on you.

Carrying your Mother = She feels she married your father by mistake, and you are a better husband  confidant, for her.

Carrying your kids = You feel It is what your supposed to do.

Diet =  Add in stress + fast food + lack of exercise + smoking  + drinking alcohol

Debt = Worrying about your financial situation excessively

=================Basically being a VICTIM!

Emotionally you can see how easily absorbing the negative emotions from others,

as empaths, we do this naturally, which results in foreign illness, dis-ease and imbalance.

How to PREVENT this cancer from Spreading?

Staying in your own SKIN – Do not take on others emotions.

If you do, go outside and ground yourself to the earth, scoop their energy from your

aura, release it to the earth and to the SKY. Reground you to the earth and fill you with

Light and LOVE.

Next SCOOP the energy from your Sacral (tummy area) AND CUT it, now blow,  and say I remove their emotions.

Come for a REIKI session to clear, heal and balance your aura regularly.

Do yoga breathing  – exhale 7 times from diaphragm, releasing their energy.

Shift your ENERGY to loving You. yes. LOVING you = I love me enough to not

absorb their energy. I am not a trash can.

Meditate and visualize a blue shield around you for protection.

Affirm who you are, say NO! and refer them to a professional counsellor. (me or someone else)

Maintain your balance as a human being, ensuring your yin and yang are in tune because

someone NEEDING you IS NOT love. Address the old conditioning you have, lets go on

a healing journey.

The Cure for CANCER :

There are many, so far, . . . .

Receiving REIKI

cultivating a deep self LOVE



Happiness  of LIFE and

Living a healthy diet

Basically living SPIRIT  – yoga, massage, meditation, reiki, counselling, exercise

ALL assist in the healing process.

Imagine you have lived your entire life, carrying others, subduing your emotions

and NOT dealing with your female emotional self. I know, I was firmly going down

this path, if I did not quit my job. I didn’t have cancer, but I felt I was DYING Slowly.

So, if you want cancer, continue on the self destructive path, if not,

come see me and lets see what you need to lift your spirt, to heal your body,

and become the person you were meant to be.

Living a life of PURPOSE, NOT money driven.

A life worth living, which is soul fulfilling.

Yesterday, I met a lady who came to me  for reiki in 2015.

I had informed her to stop absorbing the energy from

others, or it would create a foreign disease, I had also

informed her of becoming a mother.

Subsequently, 2 years later, she had cancer and she

is a mom.   Prevention is better than Cure, so please please

heed the warning.





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