What does it take to be a healer (reiki), massage therapist, counsellor ?



I will start at the beginning. What does it take to be a Reiki master?

The word Reiki master in itself, means Teacher. Teaching the art of

channelling Energy/Chi to a student, means you have mastered the art of Reiki.

That is it. If you obviously, got the certificate for being a REIKI Master,

and put it in the cupboard and happily spread the “words” I am a REIKI MASTER, without having

taught anyone by means of a Reiki Attunement, teaching someone and carrying

their karma for 6 weeks, well, darling, you are NOT a reiki master, you just have the piece of  paper.

Over the last 9 years, I have met various reiki masters, teaching someone is the defining ACTION, because you get those who TALK and those that DO. If your not doing …. well…

There are various courses online, do this! and you will be a REIKI Master in 6 weeks. It took me 2 years to complete this journey because I needed to sort out myself, my karma, gain a firmer and deeper foundation into what it means to practise REIKI.  THERE IS NO QUICK FIX, YOU HAVE TO EMBARK ON A SELF HEALING JOURNEY WHICH DOES NOT TAKE 6 WEEKS OR A WEEKEND, so lets stop pretending you will be a HEALER AFTER 1 weekend course. You will only do yourself more harm than good, lets quit the bullshit.

Lets face it, this life is not for everyone, which brings me to the point of  :  I am not a healer because I have failed at everything else. I am a healer/ therapist/ counsellor, because this is a calling upon my life and I left a corporate money based world to do this.


Since, I started this journey in 2008, it has been a rollercoaster of change.

I am an anarchist. I have been living and working freely for 9 years.

I live by my own rules and ethics, it is NOT INFLUENCED by society, religion,

government legislation, politics, human conditioning.

I am accountable to the Universe for every action,  and 100% responsible for myself.

I choose to live by my own code of standards.

  1. I am a woman. I was born to be a woman, a warrior, a healer, a shaman,  a therapist, a wife, and this is my purpose. NOTHING ELSE matters. My life is completely purpose driven. (NOT money driven)
  2. I choose to be a extra ordinary healer and live “out of the box life”. (living a mundane life, is not for me)
  3. There are those that are called to a purpose and once found, their soul is fulfilled, this is my path and journey. I cannot envision my life without healing : reiki / massage / counselling – Serving humanity. This is a deep calling and my soul journey.  (this is not for everyone)
  4. I choose to live a clean life  = I do no harm. I refrain from eating meat, I refrain from ingesting toxins like caffeine and alcohol, I refrain from smoking cigarettes or weed, I refrain from interacting with negative people as this can be toxic to my vibration. Living a disciplined life, where I am alert, aware and connected to the Universe,  is a daily practice which means, I wake up at 4.30am to do yoga, to pray, to reiki me, to go walking, I do weights, so that I can keep Mastering myself. (I do this because I want to be the best of me, for me. This is not for everyone)
  5. I also choose to speak my truth, I cannot lie. It comes out brutally, harshly, sharply, but out it must come.
  6. I have chosen to tap into my female and male side which has shifted my perspective and opened up more paradigms to explore and gain experience from. Learning and Listening to my Ancestors is part of this.
  7. Like Grandpa says, talk is cheap, but money buys the whisky.  Actions speaks.
  8. Words are seeds sown to the Universe. They will bring you dividends in your karma and action that will affect your finances, so stop the excuses, and lets become a society of AUTHENTICITY.
  9. Kick Ass woman who Do and Act righteously, treating humans, woman and children with love and respect.
  10. Changing You. Changes those around you. Do that. Stop the Victim talk.



One thought on “What does it take to be a healer (reiki), massage therapist, counsellor ?

  1. Thank you for this!!!! You have made my day and give me more resolve to continue in my own direction as a healer (Reiki practitioner and Registered Massage Therapist)


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