How to manage Aging and Stress?



I observe people, their movements, their body, the changes they

make which affects their physical appearance and their overall attitude

towards life.

I will share what works best for me, for anti –aging and stress.


Listening to Music :

I have loved music and listening to it for many many years.

Music gets me singing, moving and dancing. It is out of my head and into

my heart, which means I connect with my Inner child, using music,

laughing and playing with the lyrics, cultivating fun. Because it is one of my passions.

You definitely  can sing yourself, out of a bad mood.


Nature Lover :

I was born in a city with the view of Table Mountain. I spent years talking to the mountain and the ocean,

I was just intuitively connected to it. When I met Wp my partner, he taught me about

enjoying nature physically, like hikes, abseiling, walking, swimming.

(Being overweight didn’t stop me, I just moaned and complained, so he often, had to literally, push me up the

mountain, he made  me abseil into a cave in total darkness, so I could learn and grow myself.

I am grateful now, for it.)

I live in nature and I do love watching the sunset or the sun rise.

I go for walks every second day, weather permitting, to pray and to commune with my Higher self.

When I return, I go forage in the garden, I harvest the tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, spinach,

marrows, herbs and I bless the garden with gratitude. Nature is such a natural experience, to

connect with plants and the earth, it is nothing like technology or social media,

it is just authentic, what you see is  what you get.


Cleansing : Baths  :

Every evening I take a salt bath, infused with essential oils to cleanse the fatigue, so

I can go to bed feeling lighter and at peace.

(I have now added coconut oil and a lemon, it is such

an amazing feeling of being nurtured, try it! in your bath water.  )


Feeding your Spirit : Daily Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Visualization :
I reiki myself every morning and every evening, to keep myself balanced.

I practise yoga poses but also research its discipline and philosophy which is deeply spiritual.

I read about 4 to 5 books at a time, so I can keep my mind sharp, I do about 30 minutes of reading,  everyday.

I meditate to quiet my mind and I practise visualising my day, the best possible day ever.

I also send energy to the future for infinite abundance to flow with love.

I write: this is what I love the most, deciphering my mind and spirit.


 Diet :

Eating a healthy diet, has been one of my biggest challenges as a vegetarian who eats fish.

I eat fresh vegetables from the garden everyday, combined with 3 fruits, smoothies and green juices in the morning.

I have scaled down my meals to one nice lunch time meal everyday.

I am then only allowed small things like fruit, cereal for dinner with yoghurt, so my digestion has a resting period of

12 hours, because fasting is actually good for you and sharpens your brain, gives your organs a rest and you begin to feel lighter without starving which also naturally detoxes your body, so you poop begins to smell cleaner.

I also drink 1 l of water and 1 l of green juices which consists of water, 4 spinach leaves, lemon, apples x 2, tomatoes, well blended in my Blender.


Detox teas and drinks :

Prior to 2007, I enjoyed normal tea, milkshakes and soft drinks, these have been phased out.

I now drink rooibos tea, honeybush, mint, peppermint, ginger, watermelon, green, oolong and chamomile tea for bedtime.

I also found a detox anti inflammatory drink : 1/2 turmeric tsp, 1 tsp honey, black pepper, slither of ginger, splash of cinnamon, which are helpful when I have sinus or to much mucus or a achy body.

I also sniff salt warm water up my nose and cleanse my throat, if I have inhaled to much pollen, this gets the toxins out.


Nurturing :

The most nurturing thing to do as part of self love and a prevention method is

touch therapy : massage / reiki, this magic of healing, I cannot stress

how deeply we as a society need healing, love, attention and affection.

It will change your world and universe for sure.

Experiencing Anger, Stress, Frustration, Pissed off, Aggression, Noise, Pollution, Traffic,

Toxins like Caffeine, Smoking, Alcohol, Toxic – negative people :

All takes a toll on your immune system.

When You give away your vital energy to family, work, friends, wife, children,

the aging process starts happening faster. It is surely time to nurture

the emotional self with a time out, a day off, a movie of fun and laughter.

A pyjama day is in order. We all need some time out to reconnect with ourselves and

just being puts back, what you give away.



The art of standing bare feet on the grass and connecting to Mother earth,

tying a rope around a big rock at the core of the earth, lifting your arms and

connecting to the sky. Filling your aura with love and a blue shield of protection,

helps you to stay in your own skin and stay calm.


A helping hand : Gemstones :

The world is filled with electric magnetic energy = cell phones, pc, vibrations

affect us. I wear hematite, obsidian, black tourmaline, petrasite, jet for protection, it soothes my aura when I come into contact with negativity, so I am kept calm.


Snoozing : 

This is a very important part, snoozing for 20 minutes, to ensure longevity.

Take a nap during the day, whenever, you can, usually after lunch.


Saying NO :

Over the years, I have learnt that saying No and meaning it, is both freeing and liberating.

I use this word often, because I threw away my people pleasing gene, so I can just be myself without

having to justify why. No, means no. that’s it. Exercise your right to just say it without arguing.

No!  thanks, I am good.


Self love :

The keys to loving yourself, rest within you.

To love you is also to take care of you.

To nurture you. To spend time with you.

To grow, To learn, to Appreciate you.

Its basically like having a relationship with you,

so you can be a great partner to someone.
Treat  You well.

May we all learn to age well, never looking our age, but speaking wisdom from the heart.








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