Body Image = Be Body Positive

Last night I was browsing Instagram. It is filled with men and women with before and after pictures,

depicting them loosing weight and having a ton of muscles, a six pack, looking good but looking just as miserable as they were before, THEY  DO NOT SHINE WITH SELF LOVE AND SELF ACCEPTANCE OF THEIR BODY.

I started this journey of self love, way before you knew me.

I had a 4 pack, I gymed everyday for 7 days a week. I ate healthy. I learnt to push heavy weights

that body builders used, I used to spot the oldest guy in the gym and we had fun, pumping iron.

My point is, I never liked being skinny. I felt weak and unable to do things, I wanted a strong body,


Loving moving and having a body that I loved. This is my image of myself. I created it.

My image of me was built on a lady who I saw in the gym, she was muscly, shinning,

loving her body, she was strong, she had a rock hard body,

but not what the magazines portray, she was beautiful to me.

She accepted her body.

She sculpted it.

She smiled.

She was happy.

NOT defined by others, perception, or judgment, or criticised :

Oh you have lost weight, since I last saw you, THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT, it just means YOU are SHALLOW, and your perceptions are so.

It shows that you, don’t love yourself and don’t accept you as you are, so you portray your perceptions, towards me,

I say NO Thank you.  You certainly don’t pay my bills, so I can happily say, . . . . . .   off.

I am tired of people judging me, by the cover of my skin, my looks, my appearance.

Does it ever matter that I LOVE ME, THAT I AM HAPPY AND CONTENT.

That I enjoy eating good healthy food.

That I have a partner who loves and adores me.

That I live a Kickass life.

I am successful because I am loved and supported by Ancestors, my higher self,

my guides, runners and most of all I love myself.

So, thank you for your opinion, but No thanks, I am good.

@nolatrees is on Instagram, she is a true Inspiration, she does yoga,

she takes naked pictures of her body, she shines, she accepted and loves herself.

JOIN  the movement of a POSITIVE body image, as you are, Beautiful.

Every curve, every roll, every stretch mark, no more punishing you, for

what you look like, value loving your imperfect self.







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