Body safety tips for kids : Be aware of paedophiles

This week, someone asked me about the sexual dangers for kids, paedophiles, men/ women sexually attracted to kids. They love kids, the fresh energy, the innocent, the purity of the kids body. We live in a world where kids / old people are soft targets, with the risk of HIV / sexually transmitted disease, we are left with the responsible task of educating kids, about rape, about their body, about strangers.

Once upon a time there was a family of 4, one kid was disabled, one kid was loved but neglected.

The neglected kid, helped out, but was never given as much attention. The paedophile sees this

and uses every opportunity, to take the neglected child, off your hands, like a uncle, a grandfather,

a cousin, anything to get rid of the child, because you are  so busy coping with the other kid.

The paedophile first builds a relationship of trust, with gifts of sweets and excursions,

which will eventually lead to the rape of your kid / years of sexual abuse.

It is about the act of taking energy / owning / giving attention to the kid,  because no one else is.

Reiki is able to heal these things yes, but lets rather prevent this  and educate kids about

strangers and being aware.   Mothers be aware of your child, any change in behaviour or attitude or anxiety/ fear, make sure you voice your love for your child, and know they are wanted and cared for by you, build a trust that no one can break.

My wish is for this to never happen to anyone : male or female :

Act Quickly, if it does.

Crisis line 0800 55 555

Seek help and assistance immediately.


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