Love : The Agreements we make . . .



I stand before you, TO bring this man and woman

or this man and man

or this woman and woman.

For love . . . we agree to love in sickness,  and in health,

to honour and obey, until death do us part.

We are in love with the possibility of having someone to love.

Having HUGE expectations of love.

For a person to fulfil our romantic notions, to complete and to fulfil our wants, desires

 and needs, it is a myth.

Honouring a commitment is a better form of an agreement.

By respecting and honouring it, it brings forth a deeper sense of truth,

honesty, communication, a deeper realization, a Spirit connection of Respect.

We make agreements like children agreeing to be good when our easier inclination (Lashon hara) is to be bad.

We fail to communicate whatever we need, we let nurturing and neglect fall upon our relationships,

the idea of love fades.

Does the fancy wedding matter, no!

Does the word divorce, pop up, yes.

The Easy fix is always welcomed but the inner conscious work of where the error began, is overlooked.

Is it when I rebuffed my partner?

Is it the lack of emotional attention?

Is it my lack of wanting to heal? Needing help?

Is it the lack of physical and spiritual intimacy?

The lack of speaking your truth?

The lack of trust?

The lack of love and understanding, respect?

When one partner becomes a victim?

Walking down a path of depression, ptsd, eating disorder, insomnia?

Does “in sickness” and in healthy become a question?

When the partner refuses to get help, in doing so, fails to HONOUR the Commitment?

Lets face it, DIVORCE is easy?  Sign the paper, Split the assets.

What is HARD – is going for counselling,

uncovering the true source of the

problem, then together agreeing to a

NEW Relationship Contract,

to work on yourself,

to work on your relationship,

to neglect neither yourself nor your partner.

To switch off the cell phone.

To be Home for Dinner.

To be appreciated and loved.

To make every effort possible.

To communicate better.

To console one another.

To share and be a good partner.

The rest is history.

What will your story be, an agreement or a failed commitment? 







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