Intuition : the double edged sword


Over the last 10 years of my life, I have tapped into becoming  more and more intuitive

as a empath, a healer, a psychic, a therapist, a counsellor, diving deep into my

own darkness and into the shadows to uncover, who and what I am.

Yes, I am intuitive, yes, I see the future, but it isn’t like I receive the lotto numbers.


I may warn a couple of baby no 4, which is “pending” they then choose to act responsibly or

have a baby in 9 months time. (true story)

Last year, intuition informed me of 2 pending deaths, of someone’s parents, I did

my duty and informed them and prepared them before they returned to their land of origin.

Even though I did all I can to prepare them, they still dived deep into grief, depression, etc.

(true story)


The problem with society and people is, they think being SPIRITUAL is bullshit,

they also assume that Intuition is outside of themselves, when it is a inside job.  

Being intuitive and a empath is a double edged sword, it doesn’t give you the

fluffy butterfly, angel winged bullshit, society has described it, to be.


This is real hard core truths. Life, Death, Paths, Journeys, Choices that impact on lives.

Most people when confronted between becoming a healer and dealing with their bullshit,

choose the other path, a secure job, a hated boss, a salary, a nice car, a different outfit everyday,

money in the bank, HOWEVER, everything comes with a price.

Their LIFE force and Vital energy will deplete and they will die, because they did not

follow the spiritual path of being a healer.

Which brings me to the next point.

Just because you know it, and know how it works, and you don’t live it, doesn’t mean

you are spiritual. Can we cut the fake shit, please and lets face it,  this path is NOT,

for the faint hearted, if you want easy, go get a job, work 9am to 5pm for 50 years,

fade away.

Your intuition is this feeling you get, it is gentle, subtle messages, your inner voice

speaks, it knows, it tells you, it brings dreams, it sends messages, it prepares you.

It is NOT noisy. It is NOT via text messaging. It is not a billboard.

You are the vessel.

You vibrate with every breathe you take.

You are the receiver.

You are the deliverer of messages.  If you, resist,  you receive the karma for it.

It is a strict path of conduct.

You fight the good fight, for the path of Higher Goodness.

Many will misunderstand you.

But, what matters most is that you listen and act.

There is NO other way.

Path of truth. Path of Light. Path of a healer.






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