My body, Your body

Every human body is a work of Art.

Women, we are all so uniquely different.

We hate bra’s. We struggle to accept, who we are.

Our flaws of weight, stretch marks, cellulite, pimples,

our look, our image, what others see.

We have an entire industry supporting our inadequacy, called ‘beauty’ therapy.

My physical appearance should be like this or that. Beauty is deep within, it is

What your body houses is your spirit and not your waist size. As is being sexy!

You can be naked and sexy, you don’t have to have a perfect body.

You are either sexy, delicious, gorgeous, these are feelings, you feel about yourself, how

you view yourself, it is a choice induced feeling.

I love myself. I am imperfect, yes.

I will treat you with love, kindness, as a friend, but this is my way of being.

Love is just that Love. Love for your body. Love your mind, love your spirit, be all you can be.

Be the best part of you.  In all of this love and accept who you are and what you stand for.

Ego sees with expectation of perfection.

What you should look like as per society, a culture, a “outlook” by males.

I say true authenticity is the real thing. What you look like now,

feeling comfortable in your body.

Being confident as you are.

Living a full life, where loosing weight, is Not your Life’s purpose, but growing

into the you, which you love unconditionally.

Face you.

Love you.

Be you.

Create your Own Image of you!

With Love x x x





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