Emotional Intelligence : Transforming into a mature adult


We all love children, they are spontaneous, they throw tantrums,

they cry when angry, and they have no way of controlling their emotions.

When you are a child, you have not matured into becoming an adult.

Being an adult takes discipline and you need to take 100% responsibility for your life.

Your energy. Your attitude. Your approach. Your words. Your actions. Your reality.

Your truth.

Firstly, when a issues arises, you need to identify the problem,

you need to approach the person with care, communicate to resolve the issues,

using discipline, so your own pain body/ego/shadow self does not take over,

so you can handle, your emotional behaviour toward the person.

Whenever faced with a issue :

You need to refrain from :

Taking it personally


-Assuming / making assumptions

-Jumping to conclusions

-Judging yourself or someone else

Addressing an issue is easy when both parties are calm.

Be a good listener : Read body language and use intuition.

Tone : Use your words without  Anger to communicate,  your message.

Energy : Be calm, but express your emotions : “saying: I am angry because  of this  . . . “

Approach : Approaching any form of conflict is difficult, but decide beforehand to

not get upset, but handle the situation calmly.

This approach, builds character, and makes it easier to handle any other conflicts.

Transitioning from a child like persona, into becoming an adult, who values open communication

and freedom of speech. Learning to Master yourself, takes emotional intelligence, re inventing a better way of being,

with a aware and conscious approach.




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