Adulthood : A form of insanity


Adulthood, is a form of insanity. We do the same thing everyday,

we go to work, to do the same job, we are married to the same partner, you have the same

food everyday, you do dishes, you wash laundry, you feed the cats.

At the back of your mind, you are bored. Bored. Bored.

We are enchanted with the idea of growing up, being a adult, being independent,

being financially secure, being sucked into debt for a house, a car, debit orders

going off your account.

The idea of being free, going on a adventure, having a taste vacation for your senses,

makes us hope for something amazing.

A new journey within.

A different perspective to being dedicated to a job, this will only fulfil a little bit of your soul.

You are also human, shutting off your humanity to conform to a job, is no longer a option.

Your SPIRIT calls to you, every time, you have a gut feeling.

Your Spirit :

Loves freedom, to play with paint or draw or fantasize  or  have fun with friends, to enjoy laughter, fun, sharing of your spirit.

That’s why it is important you keep stimulating your mind with interesting books, that take you on adventures.

Watch a funny movie, called Dirty Grandpa, or animation  like The Trolls or Moana.

Music takes your body, mind, and spirit on journey of the heart, joy.

Singing and dancing  makes my heart happy and glad.

(I acted in so many church drama narratives, that I actually miss it now.)

Being happy and content as a adult is vitally important, as is finding your balance, so you are nurtured, loved,

taking care of every aspect of your being.

Yoga, Exercise, Weight training, Pilates are a few ways of nurturing your body and bringing forth

a deeper awareness of yourself.

Meditation calms the mind, you can send love and healing to your inner child, adolescent and adult self.

So many people struggle  with the acceptance of themselves and others. If you learn to love you as you are,

it is the best feeling ever.

Connecting with nature, grass, a garden, a forest, silence with no distraction, is rare these days.

Take time to connect with  YOUR spirit everyday.

A healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, water, will leave you feeling lighter and at ease.

Finding the balance between work, home life, and you…..

Will make everyday a adventure, restoring sanity.





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