Don Miguel Ruiz says that as innocent children, we listen to the voice of knowledge of the people around us.

As children, we are innocent, we have no concept of time, space, work, delays, we believe in the good,

and romanticise life, but we are easily disappointed.

I was raised in the “apartheid” era, my brain had no concept of black or white or coloured or Indian

or muslim, to me, they were just people, yes, they were different, but they also held, a different

Class of beauty and traditions.

Growing up, I was my grandmothers, taste tester, I would sit at the kitchen table, happily awaiting the next taste delight, I grew an awesome potbelly before I was 8, I loved my body, however, words like Obese, fat, overweight, you need to discipline her eating, became words of punishment, and in

that instant, I felt there was something wrong with my body, for not conforming to the “perfection” ideals of others.

If I am fat, it is only the prejudice in your mind and lack of acceptance of your own self that says so.  I no longer subscribe to your shallow prejudice, I step into my own skin and I am a rebel to your dualistic absolutions, of right and wrong vs good and bad, vs your right, I am wrong.

A tree is known by its fruit. A good tree, bares fruit, when it no longer bares fruit or becomes dis-eased, old or forlorn, we cut it down and nurture it with love to start over.

Mother Nature, knows the true worth of patience, nurturing, love, kindness and gentleness, how come as human beings we lack this character?

Is it easier to judge, yes.

Is it easier to look at the shallowness of your perspectives, yes.

It is much harder to hold your tongue, to use self discipline and use it to master yourself.

Self discipline starts with the food, you put into your mouth, ingest fresh foods from your garden and you will feel well fed, nurtured and loved. Throw in fresh clean water from the mountains and you will be well hydrated. Add in silence for your soul, music, prayer, meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, journaling and you are well on your way to living a spirit filled happy life.

It is all about what type of character, do you want to be?

A loved person. A whole person. A happy person. Well happiness takes work, even the Dalai Lama knows that. We cultivate happiness every day, it is truly an inside job, no one can make you happy, no one can change you, only you.

This starts with self awareness, realizing that you are not just a body, but you have a life force of chi, filtering through your body, and you can enhance and strengthen all of it, body, mind, spirit, because without it, you are left with a 5 sensory mundane life, which nobody wants.

Choose wisely.







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