Work Ethic : Slave or Master?


Work Ethic : Are you the slave or the master?

We live in a society that promotes male over female, because she is the ‘weaker’ species, when in actual fact, we are the stronger species, we are able to function on little to no sleep, when having a baby. We are required to pop out kids, go to work, return home to cook, clean, and do laundry, all in one day. Being a female and a human being, we begin to tap into our male side, we learn from a young age, to subdue the femaleness of ourselves, because we rebel and refuse to the weaker species.

Being a woman, is one part marshmallow and one part a sword. We have to be firm, serious, financially independent, yet we crave community and sisterhood. We are so afraid to ask for help.


Lets get serious for a moment. We all need help sometimes. I need help, so I have learnt to

Ask for help. Ask my partner. Ask a shop attendant. Ask a friend. Ask an aunty. Ask a grandma.

You No longer have to suffer. If you need, help, I give you permission to ask for help.

The fact is, we all need help, one time or another. If when standing in the grocery store, and the item you

seek is to far back, for you to reach it, go find a tall person.

Most people are so happy to help, so ask.

Ask someone to babysit. Ask someone to do groceries, but, please ask.



I have used the Christian and Jewish method of giving for all of my life. I give away 20% of what I earn.

If you have a family member or friend in need of some extra cash, give it to them, freely and

With no attachment. You are now sowing seed to the universe, for abundance to flow to you.

We all know someone who could use the extra money, a single mom, a friend in debt, school fees needing payment, open your eyes and your wallet, give. (Only, give, if you can afford it.)



People often pray for a miracle. I say be the miracle, everybody needs a wow moment.

I often do my random acts of  kindness to the person in my queue, at the grocery store.

If I have paid my grocery bill and I have enough money to purchase their item for them, I do.

This is usually struggling moms, a grandma purchasing potatoes, you will find your person, let your heart guide you.

This has caused a lot of WOW moments for the receiver, the cashier, the packer and the people surrounding me.

It is as if, they just needed a moment of kindness, to open their hearts.

Make a stranger laugh.  You are making the world a better place.



I am a therapist so every month, I give away free  a few treatments. I give, because I love what I do.

I know that by helping those who cannot afford what I do and are in desperate need of therapy,

this receiving of healing, changes their world, their life, their bodies, so I give.

If you have an over flowing abundance of your garden, share your vegetables, give, donate, barter.


BEING Self Employed

Being self employed means working smarter not harder. I used to work 18 hours a day for a company. It caused so much havoc with my body, sore shoulders, aching body, unhealthy diet due to stress, however, now I am my own boss. The key for me is balance. I used to work all the time. I then realized, that I am the boss. I make the rules.

What I do as a therapist, requires that I am well rested, well fed, I am flexible, supple, healthy and happy, so overworking, overdoing, over giving is no longer an option for me.

I need to treat myself well by tapping into my female self when I do yoga, by loving my body,

Feeding me with healthy vegetables, clean eating which leaves me feeling loved and nurtured.

I also take daily salt baths with essential oils, to cleanse my body. I recently added in a coconut oil massage with cupping and a salt shower with lemons, it is awesome, and so nurturing for you.

I also give myself the day off regularly because I love being in my space, so I can write, so I can create, so I can listen to music and  watch a movie with my partner, because isn’t this exactly why,

we leave the corporate world, to live a slower paced life, to enjoy the scenery, to plant the vegetables, to cook healthy meals, to enjoy going to bed early, so we can rest and be well taken care of?

I also pay myself a salary of 10% , of every service, I offer, this means I have spare cash, which is mine, it is not for bills or expenses, it is for whatever, I need. Sometimes I just enjoy saving and having the money in my wallet, it gives me a sense of achievement, and a delayed gratification feeling, because I don’t know what I will use it  for but I enjoy, knowing it is there.

When you work for yourself, you can take the responsibility, OH SO seriously, work harder, have more stress, worry about the money, I say, be calm. The world says we should work more, work harder, give more, I say NO!

When you have a happy life and it is balanced, the universe knows exactly what you need, and it does provide the finances, the food, the fuel, the extra money to cover any unforeseen expense, but you need to trust, you need to believe, you are the magnet of attracting your abundance. So, it is vital that you stay positive and in a happy space. Create JOY, create gratitude when you are earning money, this creates an awesome flow of synchronicity.

Self love

No one teaches us this fundamental quality. All our lives, people criticise your shape and size as a woman. Don Miguel Ruiz says that when you remove the “lies” you base things on, which you thought to be the truth, from others, you find your truth. Loving yourself is having a relationship with yourself. I love myself enough  – to NOT jump in and save everyone. I love myself enough – to no longer absorb negative energy from others. I love myself enough – to say NO! and stick to my boundaries. I love myself enough – to no longer be the doormat. I will growl, show them my angry face, I will make my unhappiness known. I love myself enough – to protect me – from narcissistic / psychopaths who are attracted to empaths. I love myself enough – to rest when I am tired. I love myself enough – to have a good life, a good relationship, a healthy conscience. I no longer have to justify who I am, I can just be myself. I love myself and love my perfect body.


Yoga and Chi Kung = changing your self image

I started practising yoga when I turned 32, at that stage I had dislocated my back, due to stress and overworking. I then started practising yoga, now 9 years later. The poses of yoga, with the use of breathe and opening of my heart chakra, I started learning the philosophy of yoga.

It is all about self mastery. How you think, how you speak about you, how you breathe, how you handle your day to day life?    Do you use prana? Do you react without thinking?

Are you humble? Do you love your body? Do you accept your uniqueness?

All of this, is part of the yoga philosophy, which has changed my self image, of my body.

For a long time, I have criticised myself, using the word against me, because everyone around me, told me, how imperfect and “fat”, I am, how I would not achieve anything, the irony in this is,

Those people Do not love themselves, they have no self love, which is not my problem.

It is NOT personal, for sure. So, now, I believe, I am beautiful, I am gorgeous, and with a heart of love, I can see, my own beauty a it reflects in others.

Chi Kung is similar to Thai chi, slow movements of moving energy and disciplining your body.

It focuses on the Inner spirit of you, to do self mastery within, which makes you feel amazing and whole, using all of your body. Cultivating a different way of being.



Being an adult is hard, it is raw. We have no way of avoiding any consequences, we also

Are taxed with bills to pay. Rent, fuel, food, insurance, sometimes you feel its like

Having a dejavu moment every time you pay a bill. Here is my secret, I save for a holiday / adventure.

The mere fact that I have created an extra bit of income in order to save for an adventure, motivates me, big time.

No, I don’t need a holiday to run away from my life. I need an adventure, to keep me

Motivated, so I can experience a different culture, in order to have a taste sensation of another world, enjoying every bit of the experience.

I am also saving to do another course, which will enhance the skills, I already have acquired, so that I can keep growing, by investing in me.

A dose of FUN

Being a adult, is sometimes a drag!  But if you learn to incorporate Laughter, fun, joy, kindling the inner child madness within, life becomes lighter and so does your heart.

Music to listen to : Moana soundtrack

Movies : Dirty grandpa, The trolls

Dance : At a drop of a hat.

Sing : Sing in the ile of the shop.

As adults, we need find a way to live a full life, because,  you are the boss, no one else is in charge.

So, decide to treat you well! The result is amazing!   X x x x







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