Wounded soul : Pain vs Love

        I sit under the tree, like every soul, it tells a story. Every branch, every root, every scar, every broken part, tells a story. You have your own story. The unloved childhood, the rape, the abuse, the sexual behaviour towards you, the emotional aloofness, the suppression of who YOU Are.  You ‘ve collected these wounds and it feels like forever. Living off pain, wounds, anger, trauma,  putting your femaleness aside, to fight, to continue having a self battle, to deal with who You are. This is not Love.  Love is felt, love is given and received, love is experienced with a open heart. Loving yourself means, I stop when I am tried, I nurture me with good wholesome food, it means I no longer carry other people emotionally, I use the word NO to affirm who I am. From a early age, we choose to live off LOVE or Live off, PAIN, your own or others. Deep inside you rest your CORE SPIRIT, which wants to heal, wants to be whole, it just needs to find a way.  Reiki, Massage, Counselling opens up a new perspective, to heal yourself, so You can become whole again. We are human beings having a SPIRITUAL Awakening, let the LOVE flow.


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