Dysfunctional society : religion, job, banks, lies

Everyday I look at the world, the chaos, the negativity, the lies we are told.

A fake society based on an illusion, a lie.   Religion was created to “control”

the sheep, it was written by Jews, to not only control people, society,

banking systems, but to control people with fear – of the unknown.

(Hell is One way of controlling people with fear, as is poverty)

It promotes overworking, debt, sacrifice, religion, dualism, imbalance,

suppression of yin and yang, a deep unhappiness which is always seeking.

A promotion of an illusion, of what fulfils, that OWNING a house,

a car, a credit card makes you happy, when in fact, it is a empty promise,

robbing you of freedom and your future, time and space.

Love, freedom, travelling, goodness and kindness cannot be bought.

It is never felt when entering a bank or when you sign your life away, with debt.

Truth : the system is designed to sell you a false sense of security. It is a trap.

If you are connected to the Infinite Divine Spirit, you are taken care of.

The universe supplies all that you need.  : Food, vegetables, water, a home, a car, fuel, abundance.

Society is built on a foundation of lies  – Go to school to get a job, have a job, work 6 days a week,

have no personal time to think or be conscious. It promotes “unawareness” – drink alcohol more,

fill up with caffeine, fill up on junk food, which all affect your ability to feel and be


I  am free, I have been out of the system for 9 years. I am free.

Free of debt. Free of the illusion that religion makes you a good person, it does not.

Free of toxic – illusions of advertising, promoting inadequacy and a lack of self love.

Free of the fake ness – that beauty has a certain look, when it is truly felt, when you love yourself.

Free of the LIES that mankind has promoted for centuries which includes the suppression of woman,

their intuition, their power, their ability to change the world.

LIES are swallowed easily but they have no depth or spirit to it.

TRUTH  – IS REAL! Hard reality, once you know it, you cannot be manipulated

or swayed.

I NO LONGER subscribe to a system of suppression of HUMANITY.

I am human which means I feel and so do you.

I speak, I have a voice.

I use my free will to share what I have learnt.

I am a warrior and a messenger of truth.

So, stop living a walking dead existance, be awakened, WAKE up your SPIRIT.

Choose to no Longer be the lost sheep, or the fish that swims in the stream,



Fossilized Customs  – http://www.fossilizedcustoms.com/

Go visit a Synagogue – Chat to a Rabbi

I spent 4 years learning about the Torah and Talmut and how this impacted on the bible

and its “romanticised” parables.   Go seek for yourself.

Investigate for yourself.  Find your truth.

STOP BEING sucked into the CYCLE OF lies.







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