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written by : Claire Raciborska



How to recognise a WITCH, by her actions. . .



The definition of a witch is someone who uses their powers for evil or to cause harm.

(As a reiki healer, practitioner, master  = We undertake a vow to do no harm, overall.)

In order to fully comprehend this, let me share my story.

You meet a lady, she is friendly, charming, she “reels” you in, and you become

friends and you begin to trust her. She wants to learn REIKI  at age 71,

she has a little hut where she meditates, she has a “healing”group that

gathers every week or so. (You think, shes spiritual)

They discuss healing perspectives, and she is the leader. (Absorbing energy from others)

She channels  spirits as a medium called “Lord Katumi” and has had no official training on any level.

So, you teach her, her level 1 Reiki, she is open and receptive to the energy, 6 weeks passes.

I leave for India the following week, to do some self healing and learning.

She starts to make some advances on your husband, in your absence,  haunts you when your asleep,

haunts your partners son in Johannesburg, things are becoming unsettling.

Did I mention she sent elements = Evil Spirits to us. . .

We have to take precautions of protection =

  1. Placing salt around the entire house including on the window sills.
  2. Removed all gifts received from her, out of  the house. (into trash)
  3. Use a stainless steel knife to cut her ENERGY from our aura.
  4. Wear hematite gemstones for protection.
  5. DO not allow any thoughts to wonder to her.
  6. Remove, block, delete her from every social media possible.
  7. Keep your guard up, blue shield. Block her out.
  8. Write her name on a page, fold it, place in a blue bottle and fill with water, say I now freeze her out. Place in the freezer.

A witch is basically someone who uses ENERGY AND THE POWER OF INTENTION to do

harm, to haunt, to interfere, to have their way, to manipulate someone, to AMPLIFY THE NEGATIVE.

(They find great pleasure in the Negative!   talking negative and being negative)

I cannot stress this enough : Amplifying the negative  in excess : for example, say they experienced a trauma and thereafter, they will get hacked or someone close will die, or they will be in debt, you begin to see the negative just growing at such a fast rate that the POSITIVE LIFE AFFIRMING SPIRIT of love is GONE! this person, then lives off pain, disease, has a condition of depression or a psychological disorder, you can now see the scenario, and how it has GROWN, THEY WILL ALSO LACK SELF LOVE and take energy from people close to them.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and reassess when you give someone help and just wait for the

AUTHENTIC SPIRIT TO Appear, even if its a witch in disguise as a nice old lady.

Be Aware.






Embracing Menopause: Maiden, Mother, Crone }(for future healers)


After  the last 12 months, I have turned 40, and experienced a variety of perimenopause symptoms,

things that I could not explain. So, I did a detox and the answer I came up with, is that menopause is just

around the corner for me. I was in shock and realized I had just gotten used to being 40 and a woman.

It felt like my body was betraying me, with all the uncontrollable things like mood swings,

fatigue, trouble sleeping, irritability, I felt like I was loosing my mind but after some investigation

and self analysis, I needed to embrace this cycle of being a crone lady.  menopause-2

I naturally flowed into changing my diet, including more of these super foods.

I wanted to eat more spinach and green vegetables and I craved tomatoe juice.menopause-4


I started sleeping with moonstone gemstones in my bed and  placed rosequartz around it,

it was a natural process.

I also started reiki ing myself more and taking time to shut down my body,

so it can handle this process better.  menopause-5

I started doing more yoga because I just felt so much better after doing a 45 minute session of breathing and stretching.


I was analysing the entire journey of how did I get to menopause at age 40.

Well after doing 45 Reiki attunements, with 2 Reiki master attunements, it has heightened

my vibration and made everything operate on a faster level. This being said, since I spent

12 months in India and having menstruated twice a month, when in India because of the high

energy vibration, I have used up my ovary supply, I am guessing.

I believe like mother nature, this is a new cycle of being a woman, it is called Crone.

To become more of yourself and embrace, what we sometimes cannot understand.



I also discovered that American Indians used Black Cohosh for all woman issues, including

menopause, (I got some from clicks yesterday), and found it is also available at dischem, R149.

I was puzzled by being so young and having to embrace this journey, as the women I have had

contact with during this cycle of their lives,  have been negative about it, which scared me.

I then realized that my own self discipline of keeping my shit together,

doing weights training every 2nd day, walking, doing yoga and eating a healthy diet,

has helped me embrace  this leg of my journey!

It certainly depends on you! how you embrace it…. with shock and horror, or

lets make it work… in the highest positive light ever.

A change in pace, A change in diet, A change in yoga routine, A new reiki schedule,

A focusing of embracing the inner change, as a new journey begins within.

It is not the end, but only the beginning, of something new, ME.


Sex, Shower, Shit, Shave, r e p e a t = Life



So, I turned 40 this year and I have decided to be honest, outspoken and choosing to do what makes me happy.

I also realized why most people have a midlife crisis at this stage.

The point is when you reach 40, you are either halfway through with this life or you have another 60 years to go.

If you have not been living a happy life, well, it kind of hits you! Instantly!

At 40, it feels like your life is this timeline playing right before your eyes.

You have sex, but tomorrow, you will probably have it again, it’s that feeling which is never sated…

or  for a short while  it is….and then you need it again…

You have to shit and shower every day, it is part of the human process of being clean and getting dirty.

Shaving, well, I am starting to neglect this chore,

because if I look down at my legs and see a forest on my legs, I will shave it, but now, I am calling it maintenance shaving, I am not spending 30 minutes on getting it,  ultra smooth finish, nope, I just maintain it so I don’t have this bush of

armpit hair or leg hair that freaks me out….


Life seems to be on a repeat button, it somehow feels like that.

I have made some changes for me.

I have gifted all my bras to someone in need, so I now own only 1 bra and the rest is sports bras which are far more comfortable for me.

I have started writing more so I can understand where I am at. 

I have 7 books looking at me and I try and read every day to keep my brain healthy and functioning.

About 3 months ago, I started using my weights and my training routine combined with walking, because, I want to keep fit and  be stronger, so I am becoming more agile which is good for anyone, at any age.

This year, I also decided to stop people pleasing which includes visiting friends, that I don’t like,

to keep my partner happy, I just say NO thanks and carry on being in my space, which is my happiest space ever. 

I don’t feel the need to justify what I feel, if it is not for me, well, I will just say so.

Hair, hair, hair everywhere, those who have straight hair want curly hair and vice versa, I have basically tried everything from blow drying to relaxing to straightening to dreading it, what works is to wash and condition it and to braid it into different styles and fashions every day, which it takes 15 minutes maximum, so its easy peasy.

What to wear? I have undertaken to dress like a Goddess when I am not massaging anyone, which means I look and feel good about myself more, and of cause my husband notices which is awesome!

The American Indians believe that when they go into battle, they should look their best, just in case its their last mission, so how about we make the effort to look amazing for ourselves and be Divine Goddess’s every day, when we can.

Being at peace with yourself is a wonderful feeling which I wish for every woman and man, so keep journeying within on this story of life.









Friendship is sacred. I don’t do shallow friendships, I don’t do surface.

I require a soul connection, deep bonding. Spirit to Soul.

I have a few friendships that fulfil my soul. It is unconditional, I will help,

I will assist, I will give, and I know they will do the same.

I seek a deep bond that is well rooted. I don’t seek to be manipulated or

taken advantage of or disappointed.  I seek to live by my code of being a

good friend, my code of conduct.

It makes it hard, doing what I do, I read people, I read thoughts, body language,

my gut feeling and intuition is accurate.

Sometimes I give you the benefit of the doubt,

but it still hurts when you proof me right.

Self sabotage, foolishness, hopelessness yes,

what to do in a world unaware, unconscious people whose goal is to survive in a

corrupt system.

I have been a loner, I share my thoughts with few, I take care to

guard, my heart, my soul, my energy.

I wait for Spirit tribe to appear.

I wait for like-minded souls.

I wait, because I cannot venture on a chance, the cost is to much.

I await to share sacred friendship only, because we ‘ll be friends for life,

today and beyond.


8 years after India – August Our Turning Point



In August 2007, we decided to sell our worldly possessions and

go adventuring in India. In India, we worked hard physically

doing eco friendly building for the Auroville Earth Institute,

our presence there changed things radically, but that is another story.

July seems to be the hardest month for us, illness wise, Willem gets sick

and this time around, he was sick for 3 weeks with cellulitus, a bacteria infection

followed by a nagging cold. July is tough for me, but with assistance from my

Ancestors, Guides, Helpers, and using  reiki on myself, I manage to overcome this


6 August 2008, we arrived back in South Africa. We crashed at Aunty Bokkie’s

house with 2 backpacks filled with Indian summer clothes, during

a Bethlehem Winter of -2. We quickly acquired winter clothing and started our

life Journey. I had decided to do a International holistic diploma which would take

on average 2 years, I did it in 5 months. I woke up at 4am, and studied until 12pm

everyday. December 2008, we went to Cape Town to collect sentimental items

and moved into a old double story stable house. The upstairs room would be my healing

studio and Willems art studio just opposite mine. We lived in the Middle of Bethlehem,

the Free State, the most hostile area for a holistic open minded therapist ever.

I encountered many request for happy endings from Farmers. I encountered

gay woman for the first time, asking me if I was from the Devil.

I encountered narcissist and sociapaths with very negative intentions.

I stayed in Bethlehem for 2 years. On the date of 6 August 2010, we moved

to the Midlands. I have grown to LOVE the Midlands and the variety of

farms and people we have met. Different characters, Different Agendas.

I look back in Gratitude to the LIFE lessons, I have learnt, both about myself and others.

Journeying to find our purpose, mine as a healer, Willem as a artist.

We have cried, laughed, learnt, been uncomfortable, sick, in pain, cold, lost loved one’s,

reconnected with old and new connections.

The path, we knew would be unknown, but We dared to walk it anyway because,

we want to be free, to be ourselves completely, in this search, we have found

love, contentment and Happiness.

8 years later, we have a home, a car, a good life of serving.

I am grateful to our families, friends, connections, thank you.

I am grateful to this journey and process of Learning and Serving.

I am most grateful to Willem he’s been the most life changing person ever.

I have so many lessons from this process, too many to share, maybe we can

have a chat with some tea and cake, we will have a awesome laugh! 🙂

Love to you, my readers, who Inspire me.


(My disclaimer: I write this blog, to share feelings, life, laughter, my journey, its only about me,

and what I experience. Its Not to be taken Personally)



11 months after living off the grid



Last year around this exact time, I had a melt down in my studio

in our wooden cabin. I then went to Willem, and said I am sorry, I cannot do this.

I am not in the building a house dream anymore, it has turned into a nightmare.

I said, all I want to do is live my purpose and help people heal, and he confessed all he

wanted to do is create magical paintings.

11 months later, we are very very happy at Phuzamoya farm in the Karkloof.

It has given us the space to grow into ourselves even more.

We chop wood when we choose to. We are 20 minutes away from Howick, and leisurely

go to town every week for groceries, we watch movies and

have warm cosy baths, eat delicious food, life is good!

How have I grown from this?

I have grown. When someone asks for my help, I check their motives and my own intention,

I refrain from JUMPING in and saving them.

(To grow their bank account, or help them manifest a new car)

I have become empowered to be a Warrior, I speak my truth, it might be harsh, but it comes out and

I don’t mind saying F@#$! off, please leave my home.

I am done with people pleasing.

I say NO often.

Currently, I feel bad because I have become harder, warrior like.

My morning music playlist ranges from :

The soundtrack of the VIKINGS series, Deadpool, Mantra,

The Outlander series : The Skye boat song, Ravi Shankar – Come on baby light my fire.

Turning 40, has evolved me, if I don’t want to do it, I won’t.

Home has become my sanctuary and safe space.

I am becoming more of a hobbit.

I started writing more of the words, I hold deep within.

My healing practise has grown from strength to strength,

thank you to all the amazing people here in the Midlands.

(they all have a space in my heart)

We have also managed to manifest a new car in 62 days. ( I will write a blog about this one. )


We have been gifted a new ginger cat, called CG, I feel he is Sebastian re-incarnated, he has

all the same characteristics, including loving me. He is my companion, he goes walking with me,

sleeps on top of me and moans for milk every morning.

My heart has healed and I feel this deep bond with him.

Willem and I together decided no more house guest for a while, we had a ghastly guest for 3 months,

and we cannot afford to live with an unhappy person,

polluting our space, because we love it here.

I am grateful for every experience.

I am grateful, I don’t live in a wooden cabin, freezing my a@@ off.

I am grateful to have an awesome life purpose.

I am grateful for my partner, who is awesome on every level.

I am grateful for myself, for growing through any tough situation.

I am grateful and happy for what I have learnt.

I am grateful for you, the reader, journeying with me.

Thank you for a great year!

Bless you.