Body safety tips for kids : Be aware of paedophiles

This week, someone asked me about the sexual dangers for kids, paedophiles, men/ women sexually attracted to kids. They love kids, the fresh energy, the innocent, the purity of the kids body. We live in a world where kids / old people are soft targets, with the risk of HIV / sexually transmitted disease, we are left with the responsible task of educating kids, about rape, about their body, about strangers.

Once upon a time there was a family of 4, one kid was disabled, one kid was loved but neglected.

The neglected kid, helped out, but was never given as much attention. The paedophile sees this

and uses every opportunity, to take the neglected child, off your hands, like a uncle, a grandfather,

a cousin, anything to get rid of the child, because you are  so busy coping with the other kid.

The paedophile first builds a relationship of trust, with gifts of sweets and excursions,

which will eventually lead to the rape of your kid / years of sexual abuse.

It is about the act of taking energy / owning / giving attention to the kid,  because no one else is.

Reiki is able to heal these things yes, but lets rather prevent this  and educate kids about

strangers and being aware.   Mothers be aware of your child, any change in behaviour or attitude or anxiety/ fear, make sure you voice your love for your child, and know they are wanted and cared for by you, build a trust that no one can break.

My wish is for this to never happen to anyone : male or female :

Act Quickly, if it does.

Crisis line 0800 55 555

Seek help and assistance immediately.

Body Image = Be Body Positive

Last night I was browsing Instagram. It is filled with men and women with before and after pictures,

depicting them loosing weight and having a ton of muscles, a six pack, looking good but looking just as miserable as they were before, THEY  DO NOT SHINE WITH SELF LOVE AND SELF ACCEPTANCE OF THEIR BODY.

I started this journey of self love, way before you knew me.

I had a 4 pack, I gymed everyday for 7 days a week. I ate healthy. I learnt to push heavy weights

that body builders used, I used to spot the oldest guy in the gym and we had fun, pumping iron.

My point is, I never liked being skinny. I felt weak and unable to do things, I wanted a strong body,


Loving moving and having a body that I loved. This is my image of myself. I created it.

My image of me was built on a lady who I saw in the gym, she was muscly, shinning,

loving her body, she was strong, she had a rock hard body,

but not what the magazines portray, she was beautiful to me.

She accepted her body.

She sculpted it.

She smiled.

She was happy.

NOT defined by others, perception, or judgment, or criticised :

Oh you have lost weight, since I last saw you, THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT, it just means YOU are SHALLOW, and your perceptions are so.

It shows that you, don’t love yourself and don’t accept you as you are, so you portray your perceptions, towards me,

I say NO Thank you.  You certainly don’t pay my bills, so I can happily say, . . . . . .   off.

I am tired of people judging me, by the cover of my skin, my looks, my appearance.

Does it ever matter that I LOVE ME, THAT I AM HAPPY AND CONTENT.

That I enjoy eating good healthy food.

That I have a partner who loves and adores me.

That I live a Kickass life.

I am successful because I am loved and supported by Ancestors, my higher self,

my guides, runners and most of all I love myself.

So, thank you for your opinion, but No thanks, I am good.

@nolatrees is on Instagram, she is a true Inspiration, she does yoga,

she takes naked pictures of her body, she shines, she accepted and loves herself.

JOIN  the movement of a POSITIVE body image, as you are, Beautiful.

Every curve, every roll, every stretch mark, no more punishing you, for

what you look like, value loving your imperfect self.








by :

written by : Claire Raciborska



How to manage Aging and Stress?



I observe people, their movements, their body, the changes they

make which affects their physical appearance and their overall attitude

towards life.

I will share what works best for me, for anti –aging and stress.


Listening to Music :

I have loved music and listening to it for many many years.

Music gets me singing, moving and dancing. It is out of my head and into

my heart, which means I connect with my Inner child, using music,

laughing and playing with the lyrics, cultivating fun. Because it is one of my passions.

You definitely  can sing yourself, out of a bad mood.


Nature Lover :

I was born in a city with the view of Table Mountain. I spent years talking to the mountain and the ocean,

I was just intuitively connected to it. When I met Wp my partner, he taught me about

enjoying nature physically, like hikes, abseiling, walking, swimming.

(Being overweight didn’t stop me, I just moaned and complained, so he often, had to literally, push me up the

mountain, he made  me abseil into a cave in total darkness, so I could learn and grow myself.

I am grateful now, for it.)

I live in nature and I do love watching the sunset or the sun rise.

I go for walks every second day, weather permitting, to pray and to commune with my Higher self.

When I return, I go forage in the garden, I harvest the tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, spinach,

marrows, herbs and I bless the garden with gratitude. Nature is such a natural experience, to

connect with plants and the earth, it is nothing like technology or social media,

it is just authentic, what you see is  what you get.


Cleansing : Baths  :

Every evening I take a salt bath, infused with essential oils to cleanse the fatigue, so

I can go to bed feeling lighter and at peace.

(I have now added coconut oil and a lemon, it is such

an amazing feeling of being nurtured, try it! in your bath water.  )


Feeding your Spirit : Daily Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Visualization :
I reiki myself every morning and every evening, to keep myself balanced.

I practise yoga poses but also research its discipline and philosophy which is deeply spiritual.

I read about 4 to 5 books at a time, so I can keep my mind sharp, I do about 30 minutes of reading,  everyday.

I meditate to quiet my mind and I practise visualising my day, the best possible day ever.

I also send energy to the future for infinite abundance to flow with love.

I write: this is what I love the most, deciphering my mind and spirit.


 Diet :

Eating a healthy diet, has been one of my biggest challenges as a vegetarian who eats fish.

I eat fresh vegetables from the garden everyday, combined with 3 fruits, smoothies and green juices in the morning.

I have scaled down my meals to one nice lunch time meal everyday.

I am then only allowed small things like fruit, cereal for dinner with yoghurt, so my digestion has a resting period of

12 hours, because fasting is actually good for you and sharpens your brain, gives your organs a rest and you begin to feel lighter without starving which also naturally detoxes your body, so you poop begins to smell cleaner.

I also drink 1 l of water and 1 l of green juices which consists of water, 4 spinach leaves, lemon, apples x 2, tomatoes, well blended in my Blender.


Detox teas and drinks :

Prior to 2007, I enjoyed normal tea, milkshakes and soft drinks, these have been phased out.

I now drink rooibos tea, honeybush, mint, peppermint, ginger, watermelon, green, oolong and chamomile tea for bedtime.

I also found a detox anti inflammatory drink : 1/2 turmeric tsp, 1 tsp honey, black pepper, slither of ginger, splash of cinnamon, which are helpful when I have sinus or to much mucus or a achy body.

I also sniff salt warm water up my nose and cleanse my throat, if I have inhaled to much pollen, this gets the toxins out.


Nurturing :

The most nurturing thing to do as part of self love and a prevention method is

touch therapy : massage / reiki, this magic of healing, I cannot stress

how deeply we as a society need healing, love, attention and affection.

It will change your world and universe for sure.

Experiencing Anger, Stress, Frustration, Pissed off, Aggression, Noise, Pollution, Traffic,

Toxins like Caffeine, Smoking, Alcohol, Toxic – negative people :

All takes a toll on your immune system.

When You give away your vital energy to family, work, friends, wife, children,

the aging process starts happening faster. It is surely time to nurture

the emotional self with a time out, a day off, a movie of fun and laughter.

A pyjama day is in order. We all need some time out to reconnect with ourselves and

just being puts back, what you give away.



The art of standing bare feet on the grass and connecting to Mother earth,

tying a rope around a big rock at the core of the earth, lifting your arms and

connecting to the sky. Filling your aura with love and a blue shield of protection,

helps you to stay in your own skin and stay calm.


A helping hand : Gemstones :

The world is filled with electric magnetic energy = cell phones, pc, vibrations

affect us. I wear hematite, obsidian, black tourmaline, petrasite, jet for protection, it soothes my aura when I come into contact with negativity, so I am kept calm.


Snoozing : 

This is a very important part, snoozing for 20 minutes, to ensure longevity.

Take a nap during the day, whenever, you can, usually after lunch.


Saying NO :

Over the years, I have learnt that saying No and meaning it, is both freeing and liberating.

I use this word often, because I threw away my people pleasing gene, so I can just be myself without

having to justify why. No, means no. that’s it. Exercise your right to just say it without arguing.

No!  thanks, I am good.


Self love :

The keys to loving yourself, rest within you.

To love you is also to take care of you.

To nurture you. To spend time with you.

To grow, To learn, to Appreciate you.

Its basically like having a relationship with you,

so you can be a great partner to someone.
Treat  You well.

May we all learn to age well, never looking our age, but speaking wisdom from the heart.







How to recognise a WITCH, by her actions. . .



The definition of a witch is someone who uses their powers for evil or to cause harm.

(As a reiki healer, practitioner, master  = We undertake a vow to do no harm, overall.)

In order to fully comprehend this, let me share my story.

You meet a lady, she is friendly, charming, she “reels” you in, and you become

friends and you begin to trust her. She wants to learn REIKI  at age 71,

she has a little hut where she meditates, she has a “healing”group that

gathers every week or so. (You think, shes spiritual)

They discuss healing perspectives, and she is the leader. (Absorbing energy from others)

She channels  spirits as a medium called “Lord Katumi” and has had no official training on any level.

So, you teach her, her level 1 Reiki, she is open and receptive to the energy, 6 weeks passes.

I leave for India the following week, to do some self healing and learning.

She starts to make some advances on your husband, in your absence,  haunts you when your asleep,

haunts your partners son in Johannesburg, things are becoming unsettling.

Did I mention she sent elements = Evil Spirits to us. . .

We have to take precautions of protection =

  1. Placing salt around the entire house including on the window sills.
  2. Removed all gifts received from her, out of  the house. (into trash)
  3. Use a stainless steel knife to cut her ENERGY from our aura.
  4. Wear hematite gemstones for protection.
  5. DO not allow any thoughts to wonder to her.
  6. Remove, block, delete her from every social media possible.
  7. Keep your guard up, blue shield. Block her out.
  8. Write her name on a page, fold it, place in a blue bottle and fill with water, say I now freeze her out. Place in the freezer.

A witch is basically someone who uses ENERGY AND THE POWER OF INTENTION to do

harm, to haunt, to interfere, to have their way, to manipulate someone, to AMPLIFY THE NEGATIVE.

(They find great pleasure in the Negative!   talking negative and being negative)

I cannot stress this enough : Amplifying the negative  in excess : for example, say they experienced a trauma and thereafter, they will get hacked or someone close will die, or they will be in debt, you begin to see the negative just growing at such a fast rate that the POSITIVE LIFE AFFIRMING SPIRIT of love is GONE! this person, then lives off pain, disease, has a condition of depression or a psychological disorder, you can now see the scenario, and how it has GROWN, THEY WILL ALSO LACK SELF LOVE and take energy from people close to them.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and reassess when you give someone help and just wait for the

AUTHENTIC SPIRIT TO Appear, even if its a witch in disguise as a nice old lady.

Be Aware.






What does it take to be a healer (reiki), massage therapist, counsellor ?



I will start at the beginning. What does it take to be a Reiki master?

The word Reiki master in itself, means Teacher. Teaching the art of

channelling Energy/Chi to a student, means you have mastered the art of Reiki.

That is it. If you obviously, got the certificate for being a REIKI Master,

and put it in the cupboard and happily spread the “words” I am a REIKI MASTER, without having

taught anyone by means of a Reiki Attunement, teaching someone and carrying

their karma for 6 weeks, well, darling, you are NOT a reiki master, you just have the piece of  paper.

Over the last 9 years, I have met various reiki masters, teaching someone is the defining ACTION, because you get those who TALK and those that DO. If your not doing …. well…

There are various courses online, do this! and you will be a REIKI Master in 6 weeks. It took me 2 years to complete this journey because I needed to sort out myself, my karma, gain a firmer and deeper foundation into what it means to practise REIKI.  THERE IS NO QUICK FIX, YOU HAVE TO EMBARK ON A SELF HEALING JOURNEY WHICH DOES NOT TAKE 6 WEEKS OR A WEEKEND, so lets stop pretending you will be a HEALER AFTER 1 weekend course. You will only do yourself more harm than good, lets quit the bullshit.

Lets face it, this life is not for everyone, which brings me to the point of  :  I am not a healer because I have failed at everything else. I am a healer/ therapist/ counsellor, because this is a calling upon my life and I left a corporate money based world to do this.


Since, I started this journey in 2008, it has been a rollercoaster of change.

I am an anarchist. I have been living and working freely for 9 years.

I live by my own rules and ethics, it is NOT INFLUENCED by society, religion,

government legislation, politics, human conditioning.

I am accountable to the Universe for every action,  and 100% responsible for myself.

I choose to live by my own code of standards.

  1. I am a woman. I was born to be a woman, a warrior, a healer, a shaman,  a therapist, a wife, and this is my purpose. NOTHING ELSE matters. My life is completely purpose driven. (NOT money driven)
  2. I choose to be a extra ordinary healer and live “out of the box life”. (living a mundane life, is not for me)
  3. There are those that are called to a purpose and once found, their soul is fulfilled, this is my path and journey. I cannot envision my life without healing : reiki / massage / counselling – Serving humanity. This is a deep calling and my soul journey.  (this is not for everyone)
  4. I choose to live a clean life  = I do no harm. I refrain from eating meat, I refrain from ingesting toxins like caffeine and alcohol, I refrain from smoking cigarettes or weed, I refrain from interacting with negative people as this can be toxic to my vibration. Living a disciplined life, where I am alert, aware and connected to the Universe,  is a daily practice which means, I wake up at 4.30am to do yoga, to pray, to reiki me, to go walking, I do weights, so that I can keep Mastering myself. (I do this because I want to be the best of me, for me. This is not for everyone)
  5. I also choose to speak my truth, I cannot lie. It comes out brutally, harshly, sharply, but out it must come.
  6. I have chosen to tap into my female and male side which has shifted my perspective and opened up more paradigms to explore and gain experience from. Learning and Listening to my Ancestors is part of this.
  7. Like Grandpa says, talk is cheap, but money buys the whisky.  Actions speaks.
  8. Words are seeds sown to the Universe. They will bring you dividends in your karma and action that will affect your finances, so stop the excuses, and lets become a society of AUTHENTICITY.
  9. Kick Ass woman who Do and Act righteously, treating humans, woman and children with love and respect.
  10. Changing You. Changes those around you. Do that. Stop the Victim talk.


How to create, prevent, cure CANCER



The emotional root cause for Cancer is deep resentment, distrust, self pity,

hopelessness, helplessness. (Essential Reiki by Diane Stein)

Lets create the circumstances for CANCER:

An Empath : Absorbing the negative energy / emotions from others = family, friends, anyone telling them their negative story. Subduing and storing it, in the sacral chakra. This affects your aura, daily. You develop a bump at the base of your spine, it starts to grow. . . . affecting your vital energy.

Carrying others emotionally = like your Mother who never loved you and criticises you.

Carrying your wife = who works in a cancer ward as a nurse but offloads on you.

Carrying your abusive husband = who insults your body, your mind, your spirit.

Carrying your family  = Twin sister & mother because they hate each other.

Carrying your husband = his the breadwinner and you feel he deserves to offload on you.

Carrying your Mother = She feels she married your father by mistake, and you are a better husband  confidant, for her.

Carrying your kids = You feel It is what your supposed to do.

Diet =  Add in stress + fast food + lack of exercise + smoking  + drinking alcohol

Debt = Worrying about your financial situation excessively

=================Basically being a VICTIM!

Emotionally you can see how easily absorbing the negative emotions from others,

as empaths, we do this naturally, which results in foreign illness, dis-ease and imbalance.

How to PREVENT this cancer from Spreading?

Staying in your own SKIN – Do not take on others emotions.

If you do, go outside and ground yourself to the earth, scoop their energy from your

aura, release it to the earth and to the SKY. Reground you to the earth and fill you with

Light and LOVE.

Next SCOOP the energy from your Sacral (tummy area) AND CUT it, now blow,  and say I remove their emotions.

Come for a REIKI session to clear, heal and balance your aura regularly.

Do yoga breathing  – exhale 7 times from diaphragm, releasing their energy.

Shift your ENERGY to loving You. yes. LOVING you = I love me enough to not

absorb their energy. I am not a trash can.

Meditate and visualize a blue shield around you for protection.

Affirm who you are, say NO! and refer them to a professional counsellor. (me or someone else)

Maintain your balance as a human being, ensuring your yin and yang are in tune because

someone NEEDING you IS NOT love. Address the old conditioning you have, lets go on

a healing journey.

The Cure for CANCER :

There are many, so far, . . . .

Receiving REIKI

cultivating a deep self LOVE



Happiness  of LIFE and

Living a healthy diet

Basically living SPIRIT  – yoga, massage, meditation, reiki, counselling, exercise

ALL assist in the healing process.

Imagine you have lived your entire life, carrying others, subduing your emotions

and NOT dealing with your female emotional self. I know, I was firmly going down

this path, if I did not quit my job. I didn’t have cancer, but I felt I was DYING Slowly.

So, if you want cancer, continue on the self destructive path, if not,

come see me and lets see what you need to lift your spirt, to heal your body,

and become the person you were meant to be.

Living a life of PURPOSE, NOT money driven.

A life worth living, which is soul fulfilling.

Yesterday, I met a lady who came to me  for reiki in 2015.

I had informed her to stop absorbing the energy from

others, or it would create a foreign disease, I had also

informed her of becoming a mother.

Subsequently, 2 years later, she had cancer and she

is a mom.   Prevention is better than Cure, so please please

heed the warning.