How to recognise a WITCH, by her actions. . .



The definition of a witch is someone who uses their powers for evil or to cause harm.

(As a reiki healer, practitioner, master  = We undertake a vow to do no harm, overall.)

In order to fully comprehend this, let me share my story.

You meet a lady, she is friendly, charming, she “reels” you in, and you become

friends and you begin to trust her. She wants to learn REIKI  at age 71,

she has a little hut where she meditates, she has a “healing”group that

gathers every week or so. (You think, shes spiritual)

They discuss healing perspectives, and she is the leader. (Absorbing energy from others)

She channels  spirits as a medium called “Lord Katumi” and has had no official training on any level.

So, you teach her, her level 1 Reiki, she is open and receptive to the energy, 6 weeks passes.

I leave for India the following week, to do some self healing and learning.

She starts to make some advances on your husband, in your absence,  haunts you when your asleep,

haunts your partners son in Johannesburg, things are becoming unsettling.

Did I mention she sent elements = Evil Spirits to us. . .

We have to take precautions of protection =

  1. Placing salt around the entire house including on the window sills.
  2. Removed all gifts received from her, out of  the house. (into trash)
  3. Use a stainless steel knife to cut her ENERGY from our aura.
  4. Wear hematite gemstones for protection.
  5. DO not allow any thoughts to wonder to her.
  6. Remove, block, delete her from every social media possible.
  7. Keep your guard up, blue shield. Block her out.
  8. Write her name on a page, fold it, place in a blue bottle and fill with water, say I now freeze her out. Place in the freezer.

A witch is basically someone who uses ENERGY AND THE POWER OF INTENTION to do

harm, to haunt, to interfere, to have their way, to manipulate someone, to AMPLIFY THE NEGATIVE.

(They find great pleasure in the Negative!   talking negative and being negative)

I cannot stress this enough : Amplifying the negative  in excess : for example, say they experienced a trauma and thereafter, they will get hacked or someone close will die, or they will be in debt, you begin to see the negative just growing at such a fast rate that the POSITIVE LIFE AFFIRMING SPIRIT of love is GONE! this person, then lives off pain, disease, has a condition of depression or a psychological disorder, you can now see the scenario, and how it has GROWN, THEY WILL ALSO LACK SELF LOVE and take energy from people close to them.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and reassess when you give someone help and just wait for the

AUTHENTIC SPIRIT TO Appear, even if its a witch in disguise as a nice old lady.

Be Aware.